Advice and Hacks for new moms

Hello, all 🙂 welcome back to another mommy tip Monday today I am going to discuss a few moms hacks and advice I’ve learned along the way and some which have been passed down to me. 

  1. Pack your extra set of clothes in a plastic Ziplock bag- I keep my sons extra set of clothes in a large Ziplock bag in case he has an emergency I could put the dirty clothes in the Ziplocks bag without having to worry about carrying an extra bag for it. 
  1. Place fresh diaper underneath the baby before changing the baby’s diaper- I have noticed a lot of moms do diaper changes differently and it wasn’t until a friend of mine did it in front of me did I tell her how quick the clean-up would be. I have always changed diapers this way since before having my son and it’s saved me from dirtying anything and changing my baby on different surfaces without using a changing pad at times. While a changing pad is always recommended, I sometimes can’t get to it. 
  1. Wash or drench poop stained clothes immediately- In order to prevent poop stains, you need to wash them immediately with cold water, you could also use stain remover let it sit then wash immediately. I also like to use a little bit of white vinegar I have found it helps with smell and stains. 
  1. Roll onesie up over baby’s arms during diaper change- If you find that your baby sticks their hand into the dirty area simply rolling their onesie over their arms will prevent them from doing so. Also helps prevent them from getting dirty. * I just recently heard this hack. Hopefully, it helps you. *
  1. Have a portable diaper station- This hack I have used from time to time. I typically keep a diaper station when I am in the living room or downstairs away from the baby’s nursery room. This keeps me from having to rush upstairs when I have to change baby. I also store things like hand sanitizer, wipes, diapers, changing pad and even a set of clothes for just in case. This is practical and you don’t even really need a changing table if you don’t have space for it. 
  1. Avoid using your changing pad cover during blowouts- This will prevent you from contaminating your changing pad cover also, it’s easier to disinfect since changing pads are plastic material nothing seeps in and all you do is spray and wipe without a worry. 
  1. Live in the now- Stop worrying about the to-do list, laundry loads that need to be done. Enjoy your baby now live in the moment and create memories. I used to struggle with this for a few months and now I am perfectly fine sitting on the floor and hanging out with my baby.
  1. Stick to an early bedtime routine- Not only is sleep important for your baby and you. This will allow you to have time to relax and rest for the next day.
  1. Trust your instincts- Whenever you feel something is wrong with your baby to go with your instinct. Never hesitate to take them to the doctors for a check-up or whatever your gut says. 
  1. Let your partner take over- This is going to be one of the most important things to do as a new mom. Not only is it healthy for your baby to bond with their father. In my case in allowing my son bond with his dad during the evenings, he gives him his last bottle of the night while I shower and relax which is greatly appreciated. I also have a few hours in the day when they both play together while I cook dinner, clean up and do things without having to worry about the baby. 


This concludes this mommy hacks blog post. As always I thank you all for stopping by.  If you have any mommy hacks and advice for new moms please leave them down below in the comments section. I am always looking for new ideas, suggestions, advice from other moms.

Until next time, have a great day!


Mari @rewrittenperfectly

Mommy tips I wish I would have known before having my son

Hello, all 🙂 welcome back to another blog post. Today’s blog post is a special one it’s the start of my new Mommy tip Monday series. As a first-time mom, I know there were so many things I wish I would have known ahead of time could have saved me a lot of stress and even eased my new mommy self.  Hopefully, by the end of this blog post, you will learn a thing or two. If you have any suggestions/ tips, please leave them down below in the comments section.

  1. Don’t buy infant clothes (or too many if you can’t resist)- This tip actually was one in which I heard from my mother and still I couldn’t resist I did purchase three newborn/infant clothes which I did use multiple times on my little guy before he outgrew them. Other than that I stocked up on a lot of 0-3 month clothes, in fact, his coming home pants were 0-3 months although they fit him a little bit big a newborn size would have NOT fit him since he was a little bit on the taller side and some newborn clothes run small. I know a few people gifted us newborn clothes when they came to meet my son for the first time. My tip to you is to keep the tags on the clothes some places like Carters will allow you to return them or change sizes even if you don’t have a receipt.
  2. Do not purchase too many newborn diapers- Just as I did not purchase too many newborn/ infant clothes I did not purchase too many newborn diapers I actually only purchased one small box of newborn diapers and stocked up on size 1 instead. Babies within the first few weeks of being born grow at a rapid pace and some babies are actually born big therefore having too many newborn sizes diapers isn’t really needed. *My tip would be if you have a closed unused diaper box or package you can exchange it for a larger size. Stores like BJ’s and Target actually grant these returns/ exchanges for a larger size as LONG AS THE BOX IS CLOSED/ UNUSED.
  3. Keep an emergency diaper kit in the car- You just never know when you will need it babies have poop explosions and can be messy at times. Sometimes you may even forget to restock your diaper bag with diapers, extra set of clothes, wipes, etc. Therefore, having a backup in the car is a great idea.
  4. Ask for help- I will admit I am a very hands-on first-time mom since the beginning I would do everything on my own but one thing I noticed shortly within days of having my son home from the hospital I needed help for simple things. For instance, showering I would ask a family member or my significant other to watch the baby while I showered. Sometimes it meant doing a bottle-feeding while I ate due to him waking up earlier than anticipated. You would be surprised how much people will be willing to do things for you. It can be overwhelming doing it all alone. Don’t get me wrong there have been times when I have had to do it all alone when my significant other would work 18-hour shifts showering mean taking the baby with me placing him inside his little bouncer while I took a quick shower. But if you have people around ask for help. You need help don’t burden yourself with this unrealistic idea that you have to do it all alone.
  1. Enjoy it- Motherhood is a beautiful, messy, yet stressful at times journey. Babies grow fast (I know such a cliché yet it’s so true) so enjoy each moment, laugh through testing times and know it will all be okay. YOU CAN AND YOU WILL MAKE IT!
  1. Establish sane working hours- Whether you’re working from home mom, stay at home mom or working outside mom its extremely important you establish sane working hours. This will help you and keep you from overbooking yourself. When you schedule your work life you are also able to prioritize family and yourself. Since becoming a mom, I had to maintain a strict schedule block out important dates for doctor appointments and family time which is very much important.
  1. Embrace saying “No”- I HAD TO LEARN THIS ONE immediately after having my son. My labor and delivery was a traumatic and life-threatening situation with a lot of risks. My recovery was rough therefore I learned immediately to say no I did not have a lot of people visiting me in the hospital I wanted to cope and recover it also meant I said no to having a whole bunch of people visiting me as soon as we came home as well. Even when it comes to raising my son I learned to say no to other people’s unsolicited advice, suggestions and learn to follow my own path.
  1. Perfection does not exist- Let go of perfection. Nothing is perfect you will make mistakes and life, in general, is about making mistakes and learning as we go the same thing goes with motherhood. Stop viewing people on social media who pretend and showcase their lives as being perfect and nothing going wrong. It’s only for pictures, don’t feel bad.
  1. Rest when the baby sleeps- I don’t mean sleep when the baby sleeps because let’s be realistic nobody does; we have a whole bunch of things to do the moment baby sleeps. However, you should at least rest take a break even if it’s for 30 minutes you will feel a whole lot better. Lately, I have been taking a nap here and there when my son sleeps because I have come to terms that without a nap/or rest I will not be able to function.                        
  2.  Clean up the area as you are there- After every meal while my son is still in his high chair (either playing with a toy or having a snack) I pull out my broom sweep or vacuum the area. Wash his plates or dishes. Then get ready to clean him up. This helps me keeping all areas clean as I go. In the evenings I go into his bedroom gather his pajamas, diapers, ointments and place them in his changing table ready after his bath (if there are toys around, I pick them up and start tidying things for the night). This tip has been extremely helpful keeps my house cleaner and without having a big mess everywhere.


This concludes my tips I wish I knew before becoming a mom. I hope you found some tips useful. And thank you for stopping by today. 

As always, I wish you all a great day! Until next time.



Fall 2019 Bucket list with my toddler

Hello, all 🙂 welcome back to another blog today I am sharing our Fall 2019 Bucket List. It’s officially FALL 🙂 sweater weather, chillier nights filled with football and soccer. This fall my son and I will be tackling our bucket list one by one and capturing the moments and sharing it right on this blog. Stay tuned 🙂 hopefully, you and your little one can join as well.  Below is our bucket list :).

  1. Nature walks around our neighborhood- Allow my son to see the changes in our outside leaves changing its colors and also the chilly weather.
  2. Go pumpkin picking
  3. Give the pumpkin a bath- (Saw this on a toddler website and thought it was a pretty cool experience to try.)
  4. Paint a Pumpkin
  5. Make a Halloween card for family and friends
  6. Make a Thanksgiving family card
  7. Play hide and seek with glow sticks- We’ve played with glow-sticks before and am looking forward to doing so this fall weather.
  8. Visit a  local farm
  9. Visit the zoo
  10. Collect the leaves we collect in our outdoors walk
  11. Paint leaves using the leaves we collect from outside
  12. Visit a fire station- Call the fire department prior to going and take pictures of the experience.
  13. Go on a walk in the rain
  14. Visit the library
  15. Have a Halloween cookie decoration party 
  16. Stay in our Pajamas all day and watch movie
  17. Fall Fingerprint tree
  18. Build a fort
  19. Apple picking
  20. Apple art
  21. Visiting 2 more museums
  22. Do a few crafts for Halloween and Thanksgiving
  23. Try hot chocolate for the first time (for baby)
  24. Have a playdate

This is our bucket list as of now we may add more things to do as we go. Thank you for stopping by today we hope you enjoy the fall weather whether you have a baby or not life is about creating memories.

Until next time, have a great day and happy Fall!

Mari @rewrittenperfectly