An open letter to my mama on Mother’s Day


Hi 🙂 welcome back to another blog. Today I wanted to take my very first Mother’s Day and celebrate and honor my own Mama. The lovely amazing woman who brought me into this world.



I hope you know just how much I love you and appreciate you. It wasn’t until I held my little guy for the first time did, I realize “wow that overwhelming love and urge to protect him from everything must be the same thing my mom has felt and successfully has done all my life.”  Becoming a mother has been one of the most beautiful things I could have experienced but also one of the hardest jobs of all, yet you make it look so easy. You have placed yourself last so many times to ensure all of us were well taken care of that you lost yourself as a woman. Yet when it was time to back to find her you did just that for the better of our family. You finished your degree became the best nurse and on your way you were. Growing up I always remembered just how blessed and happy we were to have you for a mother you made us feel loved and everything we could have wanted was given -now I won’t say we were spoiled rotten children yet in a sense we were given so much and the love was always there. What we didn’t see was just how difficult and expensive it was at times and the hardships you went through in order to make things happen for us. Being the eldest I knew you worked two jobs and how it was long hours. I never knew if you were in pain, tired or unhappy because you never mentioned it, you never complained. Now as a mother I see just how hard you and dad worked together to make sure we were good. I now see just how hard it was for you too at times, the loneliness of motherhood and how although unintentional your children will make you cry sometimes. I am sorry for all the times I made you cry as a teen and even as an adult. I now see that in the end, all you have ever wanted is the same exact thing I want for my son. To be happy and avoid hurt, pain, and troubles not to learn life the hard way but through other people’s experiences and lessons learned.

Thank you for being our families rock for being the most amazing mom a girl could ask for. Thank you for being the best Grandma to my little boy and for loving him as if he were another child of your own. I love you to the moon and back!


Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there, the ones who do it all for their children and families. May you enjoy your day and remember just how important you are in their lives. To those mommies to have lost their babies Happy Mother’s day to you, may you remember you too are a mommy to your angel in heaven.

Have a great day & as always thank you for stopping by.


-Mari @rewrittenperfectly