I am grateful​ for my friend

Hello, all welcome back to another blog post. Today is my first blog post on gratitude series which I will be doing for the month of November. I came across this beautiful little gratitude jar filled with prompts from Target and decided to start gratitude journal here on my blog.

Today’s pumpkin was titled “My friend”

This pumpkin made me think of my friend Sam. I am grateful for our friendship. She has shown me what a true friend is and no matter what time of day it is she is always there. Samantha has been an important friend in my life. We have known each other for close to 10 years. She’s a caring friend who will always be there for anyone and everyone she embraces. No matter what, you have loved me through it all. You have loved me on my bad days when my world seems like it’s falling apart, and I don’t even want to be bothered it’s to you I run to for advice and vent to. Thank you for being the shoulder to cry on and the person who actually motivates me to push forward. As a new mom Sam being an amazing mom to a young adult son has taught me so many things about the journey to motherhood and just how precious our sons mean to us. Today I am grateful for her no matter how far away she lives we are very close and one phone call, voice text, video away. Thank you, Sam, for all you do for us I love you so much and appreciate having you in my life.

I hope today you all can sit back and reflect on a friend your grateful for. Let them know how much they mean to you and just how much you appreciate having them in your lives.

As always, I thank you for stopping by today. Until next time have a great day!

Mari @rewrittenperfectly