My Diaper Bag must-haves / (items can’t live without)

Hello to all mommies/mommy to be 🙂 today I am excited to have my first blog post of 2019 be a mommy blog post. Since becoming a mommy to my handsome baby boy six months ago I remember what it was like being pregnant and being completely clueless about what really was needed in a diaper bag. So today I have decided I should write a blog post myself about my diaper bag must-haves and hopefully inspire a mommy to be or mommy who probably could use my tips/advice.

  1. Diapers/ wipes– Apparently, when I did my research they say it’s good to have one for each hour you will be out. However, I feel like this changes for every baby since, after all, each child is different. I usually keep 4-5 diapers in my diaper bag and then carry extras in elsewhere to keep my diaper bag from getting heavy. Wipes I have in the soft pouch and I don’t have a set amount just refill my soft wipe pouch up. *Please make sure you add your diapers as you use them so you won’t be without at an important time 🙂 you are welcome in advance.*
  2. Mini pampers pouch- This pouch HAS ALL OF MY BABIES ESSENTIALS! From his diaper rash ointment/ cream, Aquaphor, nail clippers, mini/travel size toiletries, saline solution, Nose Frida, and medications. Everything I would need just in case any scenario was to happen I have it in my pampers pouch. (which was given to me with samples in the hospital.)
  3. Extra outfit/ change of clothes-As a mom you will never know when the next blowout will be or when the baby will accidentally spill something on their clothes, throw up etc.  * My added tip! place the extra set of clothes inside a Ziploc bag that way the dirty/soiled clothes can go in.*
  4. Changing pad/disposable pads-Makes cleaning his diaper easier when laying him down in the changing tables. *I know some public restaurants and places do have some but it’s always best to have one just in case they don’t. *
  5. Hand Sanitizer-So important and I have become obsessed with since my pregnancy.
  6. Pacifier disinfecting wipes- BEST invention ever! You disinfect pacifiers, nipples on the bottles. Teething toys on the go when they fall/ get dirty. And they will, especially once the little ones start throwing things out!
  7. Bottles & formula-I keep bottles with water and formula in the dispenser ready for the next bottle feeding on the go. The best thing about my diaper bag is that I have three slots for bottles and they are insulated which will keep the milk either cold or warm for hours. I recommend those to makes life a little easier.
  8. Swaddle blanket-Whoever created the swaddle blanket is truly a genius. I love my muslin swaddle blankets. I usually keep anywhere from one to two in my diaper bag. I love that they are light yet also are warm for my baby boy. I’ve used this during the summer and even now in the winter. It’s always handy to keep them close by.
  9. Favorite toy- For any moment where your little one gets fussy make sure you have their favorite small toy, small stuffed animal around. My little guy loves his little plush elephant which has two teething areas as well great for him when his gums hurt.
  10. Snack- If the baby is already having snacks it’s important to carry some.



  1. First aid kit
  2. Sling wrap

Nursing cover (you could always use Muslin swaddle blanket)

Mommy things

  1. Breast pads- Especially right after having a baby or while breastfeeding is very important!!
  2. Pads- Very important especially right after labor and delivery and once your period comes back it’s always good to have.
  3. Wallet- self-explanatory
  4. Cell phone
  5. Keys
  6. Water
  7. Pen /paper
  8. Tissues
  9. Lip balm/ chapstick
  10. Planner/ important documents


I hope you enjoy some of my diaper bag must-haves. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. And to those mamas please share your diaper bag must-haves I am always curious.


As always I will you all the best!

-Rewritten perfectly (mama)